Castle Party Festival, July 17-21, 2014 in Bolkow, Poland.

Line UP: Lily of the Valley, Phosgene Girls, Splendor, Gorthaur, Lacrima, Golden Apes, Alles, Theodor Bastard, Ulterior, She Past Away, Grendel, The Klinik, Moonspell, Scylla, Vedonist, Tenebris, Pandemonium, Hazael, Christ Agony, Topielica, IdiotHead, Red Emprez, Thy Disease, Blindead, This Cold, Sui Generis Umbra, Desdemona, Alcest, The 69 Eyes, London After Midnight, Deine Lakaien, LateXjesus, Fuka Lata, A7ie, Dolls Of Pain, Patenbrigade Wolf, Bart Cathedral, Controlled Collapse, Obscure Sphinx, C – Lekktor, Super Girl & Romantic Boys, Kapitan Nemo, And One